Quantum Multiverse

What if someone told you that you exist in another universe that you are not aware of? how do we test that?

  • Our universe may not be alone. It could just be one of multiple realms making up a “multiverse.”
  • In quantum mechanics, particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously, and the act of observation can “collapse” a particle’s wave function into a definite state – it’s like you being a solid human being one minute and gas the next.
  • Reality is a process that involves your consciousness.
  • Consciousness is necessary for forming reality as we understand it.
  • In the quantum world, there is no way to predict with certainty the outcome of a measurement before it’s made.
  • When we measure something we are forcing an undetermined undefined world to assume an experimental value – we are not measuring the world we are creating it.
  • Consciousness resides in the microtubules of the brain cells, which are the primary sites of quantum processing.
  • Every time a quantum event occurs, the universe splits into multiple universes, each with its own reality – every time a decision is made, the universe branches off into multiple parallel universes, each with a different version of reality.
  • The possibility of you existing in another universe sounds scary but it is not impossible.
  • However, the many worlds theory makes some scientists uncomfortable; suppose you’ve ever encountered a situation in which one possible outcome was death then there must be one parallel universe in which you died.
  • The existence of multiple universes is not a theory to dump.
  • Working our way from the big bang, we will pretty much arrive at parallel universes.
  • but how do we test the existence of parallel universes? – well if our universe collided with another universe it would offer some evidence.
  • Researchers are actively searching for cosmic ripples from the birth of the universe that could ultimately boost support for the idea.
  • We may never find proof that other universes exist. But even if we could, there is virtually no known way to reach them.
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