The Post-Human Evolutionary Civilisation Trilemma

what are the motivations and capabilities of advanced civilizations? What does a post-human era look like? Are we living in a simulation? 

  • Reality as we know it could be a computer-generated simulation created by a more advanced civilization.
  • The evolution time scale highlights the immense duration over which life on Earth has evolved and diversified.
  • Post-human era is a speculative future period in which the nature of humanity and its relationship with technology undergoes significant transformation.
  • The idea of the post-human era often involves the notion that advancement in technology(in fields like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and nanotechnology) could lead to a new phase in human evolution or the emergence of entirely new forms of intelligent life.
  • The fabric of what it means to be human is undergoing dramatic changes.
  • Einstein was able to undo 200 years of Newtonian physics – he was able to figure out the black holes – he was able to figure out the theory of relativity – changing our entire view of the universe.
  • What if we had access to superhuman intelligence that was 50 times Einstein’s? – this is coming soon marking the end of the human era.
  • The end of the human era sounds terrifying given we can’t conceptualize what would be a post-singularity future, technology being a double-edged sword, super super-human-level intelligence should change the world for the better.
  • Gordon Moore’s discovery that roughly every 2 years the number of components that could fit on an integrated circuit doubling has profound implications, this means that computers double in processing power roughly every 18 months – computers 15 years from now are going to be a billion times more capable than the computers we have today.
  • What do you do with that kind of power?
  • Nanotechnology – integration of advanced technologies into the human body and mind – brain-machine interfaces, cybernetic implants, genetic modifications, and other forms of augmentation that enhance human capabilities are some of the implications of Moore’s law.
  • Post-human suggests that humans may overcome biological limitations such as aging, disease, and physical constraints through this advancement in technology.
  • The exponential growth of technology will come to a point in the future – Technological Singularity – when this technology triggers the post-human era.
  • What if this advanced Nanotechnology could help us go inside the human cell and re-program it? we could set our age – immortality is now on the menu, not forgetting being able to get into the brain to make physical connections to the neurons in your brain – flow immersion virtual reality – you could live in something like the matrix.
  • On-board mental computers would be amazing – imagine having and controlling an army of nano-bots in your brain – foglets.
  • We spend most of our time taking care of our basic needs – with this kind of technology, the bottom needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs would have been taken care of.
  • With the post-human-era, we can now go on living our dreams (self-actualization) – in a post-human world, AI will be our last invention as humanity as we will now be virtual superintelligence that used to have a biological substrate.

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