Galactic Gentrification

Where is everyone?

If Aliens can travel between stars why haven’t they visited?

In a galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars each of which has billions of years to generate life and civilization, isn’t it odd that none have made themselves apparent to us ? – Fermi paradox.

  • There are several ways that advanced civilization could give away their presence; radio transmissions, robotic probes, or star blotting solar arrays.
  • A recent series of surveys reveal none of the above, while at the same time proving an abundance of potentially habitable worlds.
  • NASA’s KEPLER TELESCOPE has discovered 2652 alien worlds to date, allowing us to figure out that there are around 40 billion habitable planets in the milky way.
  • TESS- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite that is taking over from KEPLER will find something like 20,000 new worlds telling us how common there are Earth-like planets.
  • How many of these planets have life ? well we have no idea, but soon we’ll need to look at the composition of their atmospheres to answer that question with the help of the JAMES WEBB space telescope.
  • There is a good chance we’ll find hard evidence of extraterrestrial life in the next decade or so.
  • Suppose any of these ET are like us, they will want to expand into and alter their galactic environment and because they almost certainly have thousands of years ahead of us, that galactic gentrification might be visible to us.
  • For a half-century of actively watching for radio transmissions from other worlds; we have seen nothing – may be our first encounter with ET – extra-terrestrial might not be through Radio transmission.
  • It’s still the early days of hunt for ET but if there are any technological civilizations in our neighborhood of the Milky Way, they are keeping to themselves – that still seems surprising given 40 billion starting points for life in the Milky Way.
  • After all, we would only take one of these worlds, produce an expansionist species, give them a million-year head start on us, and somehow someone should colonize the galaxy.

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