Interstellar predation

At what point will it become clear for human beings to leave Earth to survive? Could cosmic habitats be concealing themselves from predators while, at the same time, making themself stealthy predators?

  • 100 years ago Albert Einstein taught us that space and time are wrapped by the mass and the energy that live in our universe – Einstein field Equation.
  • The Elastic space can be bent and maybe torn and patched together, which could make wormholes – shortcuts or tunnels through spacetime that connect distant points in the universe.
  • One of the most popular ideas is that advanced civilizations could use stable wormholes as shortcuts through spacetime, allowing them to travel vast interstellar distances quickly.
  • This would open up the possibility of exploring distant galaxies and colonizing other star systems – Some theories suggest that traversing a wormhole could not only allow for long-distance travel but also potentially enable time travel.
  • Advanced civilizations might use wormholes to move not only through space but also through time, leading to scenarios where they could interact with different historical periods.
  • Adrian Kent’s ideal of advanced civilization interacting many times in the past but ending up competing for scarce resources is common – when that advanced civilization interaction happens, the process of evolution, operating over vast time scales, ensures that the survivors learn to keep quiet.
  • Suppose now that there is indeed some sort of competition for resources on a cosmic scale and that some sort of evolutionary selection ensures.
  • It is plausible that conspicuity would be an important criterion in the selection process.
  • As it is here on earth Camouflage is a natural phenomenon used by plants and animals to blend into their environment with predators and prey using camouflage to avoid detection.
  • In the face of cosmic threats such as asteroids, apocalypse, gamma ray bursts, solar flare, supernovae or galactic collisions, in addition to overpopulation, environmental degradation, civilizations might use wormholes to evacuate to safer regions of the universe or alternate universes.
  • While these scenarios represent potential motivations for space colonization, the feasibility and timing of such efforts depend on technological advancement.
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