The search for extraterrestrial technologies

  • Are we alone ?
  • Do we live in a universe that is populated with many, many intelligent species.
  • Or are we as human beings just the intelligent life anywhere in the universe.
  • soon after the earth cooled off after it’s formation, life began.
  • somehow a self replicating organism came forth, amidst the laws of thermodynamics that govern the universe.
  • that life evolved fantastic complexity, and then evolved intelligently.
  • the galaxy is awash in water, organic molecules, and complex chemistry.
  • All the things we know are necessary for life to begin on this planet, exist in abundance throughout the galaxy.
  • but did life ever arise on any of those planets.
  • and if that life, if it did ever arise – did it ever go on to develop intelligence?
  • is intelligence a common outcome of life.
  • is intelligence a driven process?
  • does life proceed towards intelligence for some reasons that we don’t yet understand.
  • or is intelligence some evolutionary fluke that only happened on one single planet.
  • if intelligence does arise commonly how far can technology progress?
  • how advanced could very advanced life become.
  • there could be life out there if it evolved intelligence that could be dramatically more advanced than the life we have here on this planet.
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