Quantum Riddle

  • Is reality an illusion? can something here mysteriously affect something there even if they are far apart.
  • Do you really believe the moon is not there when your are not looking at it?.
  • Natures fundamental building blocks could be connected and influence each other instantaneously as if the space between them doesn’t exist.
  • We live in a world where objects have permanence and we see cause then effect but a startling phenomenon is reviling this is not how the universe work.
  • Experiments have revealed that deep inside matter tiny particles like atoms and their orbiting electrons   are not solid little spheres they seemed fuzzy and undefined.
  • A particle like an electron isn”t physically real until it’s observed measured by instrument that can detect it, before it’s detected instead of being a solid particle an electron is just a fuzzy wave a wave of probability.
  • these objects like electrons when we described mathematically their behavior only thing we can describe is the probability of being at one place or another – like a wave of all those different possibilities.
  • it’s not that the electron is on one place or the other we just don’t know – it is the combination of every possible place it could be until we look at it.
  • Quantum mechanics only tells us the probability of a particle properties like location.
  • The idea of particles coming into existence when they’re observed is akin to magic.
  • Quantum particles acting in unison could be explained if they were communicating, one particle sending a signal to the other telling it what properties it should have, but that would require a signal travelling faster than light something Einstein’s theory of special relativity had proven impossible.
  • The seemingly impossible phenomenon of one particle mysteriously influencing the other is known as Quantum entanglement.
  • Accepting that entanglement is part of the natural world around us has profound implications – it means we must accept that an action in one place can have an instant effect anywhere in the universe as if there’s is no space between them or that particles only take on physically properties when we observe them, or accepting both.
  • we are left with a conclusion that makes no sense, stepping out of our boundaries of common sense is almost like being in wonderland where everything is possible.
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