• Have you ever wonder what happens when a star Die ?.
  • there are tons of different types of stars
    • blue giants
    • white dwarfs
    • red giants
    • the sun is considers to be GV2 Main Sequence Yellow Dwarf
  • All starts are unbelievably large.
  • more than 1 million planet earth could fit inside our sun.
  • this giant size causes tremendous gravity that’s constantly trying to come crushing inside the star.
  • this push everything the star is made of down towards its core.
  • the pressure and density inside a star would be truly unimaginable.
  • even microscopic atoms can’t stand this pressure.
  • hydrogen the most common atom is everywhere even inside a star.
  • the pressure inside a star is so strong that it strips hydrogen its electrons leaving bare nucleus.
  • these bare nucleus of hydrogen combine with other bare nuclei fusing together forming more heavy elements like helium or oxygen.
  • in physics this is know as nuclear fusion.
  • and these heavy elements have tons of extra energy that they are not used to.
  • so they release or emit the energy as radiation.
  • this radiation spills into space, and some of it becomes the light that hits the planet earth.
  • to mention that this powerful energy flowing outwards prevent the  start gravity from crushing it.
  • a star is always pushing out with nuclear energy and trying to crush in with gravity.
  • and this delicate gravity nuclear balance is how stars stays alive.
  • but eventually like a car running out of  gas, the star runs out of atoms to fuse but there is nothing to stop the gravity.
  • As  a result everything that the star is made of comes crushing into the core.
  • and all of this matter stuffed into a small place becomes a nuclear time-bomb.
  • all of the matter and radiation blast out into the universe in a catastrophic explosion known as a SUPERNOVA.

Did you know that every single element we know was originally by exploding stars 

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